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Welcome to TVXQ Discussion~

This community was created to serve as a place where sane and logical discussions could be held about TVXQ related subjects. These subjects will be broad an varied, and can center around any aspect of TVXQ and the fandom associated with them. 

Example (ganked from the twitter of savingsuperman )

Person A makes a post saying:
"I think jaejoong is an incredibly screwed up person" 

Others respond to that post with their view on the matter.
  • "IA, Jaejoong has led a hard life, ect ect blah blah blah"
  • "lol gurl you cray Jaejoong is one of the happiest people in the world, ect ect explain why you think so"
  • "me, too. tbh i think that about all the boys to a degree, but most especially with Jae. elaborate further, feel free to mention the other boys"
You get the drift.
As long as there is actual discussion happening, you can say pretty much whatever you'd like. Just try to keep the useless one-liners to a minimum k?

Here's the deal: the posts don't have to be serious business depressing. There is such a thing as light-hearted discussions. Idk talk about about why JaeSu have decided that they are apparently cat people and they no longer curr about their dogs. WHATEVER I DONT CAREEEE.

Posts are moderated only until people learn what should or shouldn't be posted here.

Mod is not afraid to use ban hammer on stupid people.
No wank, no stupid shit, no shipping wars (for srs. i will judge you and then ban you forever), no off topic posts (see below). Just use your intelligence ok.

Off-topic posts:
It shouldn't be too hard to figure out if something is off-topic or not.
> OK: Any post with TVXQ as a central theme
> Not OK:  Any post with TVXQ not as a central theme (i.e someone makes a topic about another idol group, and TVXQ is mentioned only once or twice as a sidenote).

However~~~ It is ok if someone makes a post like 
"Everyone says that SHINee is supposed to be SME's replacement for TVXQ. I agree/this is the most ridiculous shit I've ever heard because....."
This type of post is acceptable because, while SHINee is the subject, the main discussion would involve TVXQ to a large degree.

Get it?
If not, then. Idk pm me and I'll answer any questions.
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