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Ugh fandom waylt

So, everyone should know about whats going on with Junsu and twitter and SM artists saying stuff.

(this whole everything is ganked from greenteafroyo 's tumblr bc she is #1 at compiling this stuff ^__^)

All of these are rumors that have been floating around on my tlist

So take everything with a grain of salt, alright

-[well this is fact] so at first junsu tweeted about feeling upset and tired and betrayed in general. he seemed to be so upset he left during the middle of the press conference.
-[also fact] sim jaewon, a former member of the SM group Black Beat and one of SM’s current choreographers tweeted:

"I can’t just let this pass.. ..Little brother, this is really not right…. Who’s at blame here? Don’t pretend to be upset. Who do you think is really hurt….? You’re so ungrateful, how could you do this…?”
-which Boa then retweeted. fans think it’s directed towards junsu.
-[translation] sungmin of super junior posted on his cyworld.

I’m leaving this message because I think they went too far.. Can they not remember in the old days when we comforted each other and promised to work hard.. We who were initially just happy to practice.. Did they lose us who dreamed of being on television once…I hope they look in the mirror and think again whether they lost their original aspiration~ I understood them when they hurt us by leaving without a word to find their own path and I forgave them because of my affection for all the times we had together.. I don’t know why they are making those who’s silently working hard look like fools by saying all those astonishing lies and hurtful words.

-[translation found] shindong of super junior also tweeted.

Enemy ( 敵 ) : relative wanted to fight / hurt the others. Know some guilt (背恩忘德) : Showing kindness, but at the end it’s betrayed. In other words, hurting / fighting your own relative means betraying them, which are my family.

-the newest rumor is that jonghyun of shinee also said something, but i have no source of this so i’d rather not believe this.
-jyj stans are also now attacking suju/boa

mostly linked from sharingyoochun.net

Now I want to know opinions. 

Remember: no wank. This place is supposed to be for mature, reasonable discussions.
If you can't handle that then feel free to sit this one out.
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